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Uncensored fruit basket!

spread the (KiWi) love!

7/7/20 15:59 - Hello fandom I'm kiwi ,,

well.. I got this LJ for about a year but I never write in it because I dont do any fandom thing, although I really want to...
I just dont have the time or the
perseverance to finish any of my fics (perhaps I need to start writing oneshots...)
I do a lot of
graphic but I  still didnt realize how to upload them by the fandom rulz... yes I'm such a lazy person!
any way, I will stop babling now and just let you know that I will be very happy to meet some of you.. I really love reading fics,
especially Akame ones (smut are the best!) they are my OTP.

I've decided to write something here so that people who will come across with my comments around the fandom will be able to know a little about me.



I dont know if I will ever write here fics or other random stuff but I'll will be happy to chat with people around the world that share the same "Japan Love" as I'm.
my MSN is: sivan1_8@hotmail.co.il
twitter: kiiwi85

And I will like to take this opportunity and thank some people:

First of all... my Shoshke ... that some of you know as
she is the BEST Ryopi fics writer in the world! I love you so very very much! I'm so sorry for all the abusing I've done to you. please comment on her fics-they are really great!  and Angest ...

To the wonderful
</span>  that took my love for reading a few steps up by writing the most beatiful and amaizing Akame fic ever-In his Care. I hope she will never ever end it...! I thank you on behalf  of us-akame fangirls and espacially my Jen-Jen and Moshi chan that got so addicted to it that they actually  printed the whole thing and took it with them wherever  they went to... XDDD But... I'm no better- I read it about 20 times and it's... 72 chapters!
thank you and
Cata chan!

magnificent communities and LJ that are so helpful-thanks for all the people that always updating, scanning, fan arting, and making us so so happy! ARIGATO!

</span> news_jpop 
</span> kattunlove 
</span> newshfan 
</span> watchful21 
</span> baka_lolli 
</span> ryo_watch 
</span> pornvilai 
</span> nippon_news 
</span> futari_love 
</span> ikuta_toma 
</span> horikita_maki 
</span> for_gem_box 
</span> futari_kiri 
</span> pali_mari 
</span> jent_fanfics 
</span> jump_infs 

There are many more and I thank all of you! if you want a link-I'll be happy to put it in my LJ...

so thank you for visiting me here...!!! I'm sorry for my bad english-I'm doing my best! I've started learning the Hiragana lately and it's causing me to forget how to speak correctly both hebrew and english... all those drawing is so confuseing!  XDD

that's it! I hope to hear from you soon...!
bye bye


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